Dementia-friendly devices & family remote care

Empower your loved ones with technology designed to enhance independence without the complexity—perfect for seniors and individuals facing cognitive difficulties.

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Designed for simplicity. Built for safety.

Easy to stay in touch — with one touch

Our one touch easy-to-use interface was designed and tested for seniors diagnosed with Alzheimers, dementia, memory loss and other cognitive impairments. 

Customizable and remotely managed by friends and family

Create a personalized home screen tailored to the user’s needs and preferences.

Carl devices are locked for the user — settings can only be updated through the Carl Family app. 

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Private and secure family network

Private and secure family network

Keep the entire family connected. Make phone and video calls, send messages, share photos, play music, block SPAM calls and location tracking.

Support when you need it most

We believe in compassionate caregiving. The Carl Family app gives you quick access to tips and tricks for handling challenging situations and self-care tools.

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How It Works


Step 1

Pick your device


Step 2

Download the Family app


Step 3

Pair the Carl device

Our devices

Carl Phone

Best for those who struggle with regular smartphones. US ONLY (for now).

Carl Tablet

Best for those who usually stay-at-home and prefer a larger screen. US ONLY (for now).


(bring your own device)

Transform any compatible device into a dementia-friendly Carl device.

Carl Family app

Companion app for Carl devices

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Remote device management
Remote customization
Location tracking
Block scam calls
Secure family network
Caregiving tips & tricks

"This smartphone has been a game-changer for my dad with late-stage dementia, allowing him to easily stay connected with friends and family. 
It brings me immense peace of mind knowing he can reach out and enjoy his music, maintaining his social bonds and enhancing his quality of life."


"My grandmother loves the photo descriptions! She quickly learned how to call, and now she is more connected with the rest of the family. Remote management is very helpful for me. We're excited for future updates like an app for simple memory games!"

Maya D.

”So many great features. To pick two: The usability for my mum with curated display, the security for me as a son, always knowing her location.”


Carl dementia-friendly apps

Your loved one will be able to use our apps with only one tap.
New apps coming soon.

Memory album
Audio & video
Help call

3rd party apps (coming soon)

For those who can still use a few regular apps



What makes Carl devices dementia-friendly, and how do they differ from regular devices?

Carl devices are designed with an intuitive and accessible interface that emphasizes simplicity, making it easier for users with dementia to navigate.

Carl devices operate within a locked system to maintain a consistent and dementia-friendly environment. They feature an always-on display and disabled hardware buttons to prevent confusion.

How do I know if Carl devices are a good fit for my loved one with dementia or Alzheimer's?

Carl dementia-friendly devices are specifically designed for individuals with Alzheimer's, dementia, or for those with cognitive disabilities who find standard smartphones difficult to use. These devices simplify communication, making them an excellent choice for those needing easier technology solutions.

Is the Carl Family app available on iOS and Android?

Yes, the Carl Family app is now available on both Android and iOS.

Is it free to add other family members to my care team?

Yes, Carl Connect allows unlimited caregivers to access the app under one subscription, making it ideal for coordinated care.

Do Carl devices get software updates?

Yes, software updates are automatically pushed, maintaining all Carl devices up to date.

What is the Carl devices return and refund policy?

Carl devices include a 30-day money-back guarantee, starting from the date of delivery. If you're not satisfied with your purchase, you can return the device within 30 days for a full refund.

What if I want to buy a Carl device but already have a Carl Connect subscription?

No problem! Contact us on -, we will send you a link to purchase the device.

Do you offer bulk discounts?

Yes! Get in touch with our partnerships team to learn more about bulk pricing at